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Hand Painted Software - Software Engineering Artistry
"You can train monkeys to write code, but creating great software is an art."
Software that doesn't do what it's supposed to is worse than useless. Not only does it not get the job done, it causes you to waste time, energy, and money to track down the problem, find alternate solutions, or undo erroneous entries.

Sometimes it isn't that the software is wrong, so much as that it doesn't solve your specific problem. If a piece of off-the-shelf software is just perfect for you, that's great. But many times, it's more like "This software would be great if only it could do X", or "I would love this software if only I didn't have to Y."

Sometimes you go overboard and get a piece of software that has everything but the kitchen sink -- only to find that either it still doesn't solve the problem, or it makes it so complex you are better off doing it with pen and paper.

That's why at Hand Painted, we take the time to fully understand your business and exactly what problem you are trying to solve. By understanding exactly what is needed, we can build software that is a perfect fit -- not "close", or "almost", but "just right".